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Parents want to know that Fast Play spec that lets you begin the DVD without the control also pushes you to 4 previews for Disney films and ad for Disney Rewards making for a great party character. It would exactly be quicker to go to the menu and hit play. There is a lot of sale in the Tinker Bell line: a video game, a magazine, books, toys, dolls and more. This easy story is type on aggression – only single scene with a hawk breaking its jaws at fairies may be scary – and has a few best lessons about enjoying and accepting your own talents.

This simple and sweet straight to-DVD story is eared especially to children of the age most likely to clap hands and shout, I trust in fairies!” it does a charming job of introducing the globe of Pixie Hollow with some remarkable animation and a dreamy, Celtic-infused soundtrack spec Loreena McKennitt.

But the story is pretty too mild and simplistic for older kids who love the globe of Lost Boys and Peter Pan. Tinker Bell makes a mistake, saves the day, and learns easy lessons. Her helper fairy friends – all voiced by some huge talent – with no doubt do more for doll sales than they perform for this story, except for the “mean one”, their characters are not extremely fleshed out.

Tink is surrounded by all types of lovely fresh characters, too – and each one includes to the film attraction. Definitely, the good of the story is to be proud of who you are, and the story actually provides lots of chances for finding a character to relate to – whether you love flowers or animals or motorized doodads and even as a party princess. You will meet Tink best friends, the nature’s fairies (voiced by Raven-Symone, America Ferrera, Lucy Liu, and Kristin Chenoweth). Each has her own personality, her own style and her own unique capabilities.

You will also meet Bobble and Clank, who make a best geeky tinkering pair hours. They can be a pretty irritating at times, ad a small cliché, too – but finally they will make you understand why Bell might feel out of location as a tinker fairy.

While Tinker Bell has the beauty of a big Disney film thought, it does not quite have same thrilling yes makes for great Miami party ideas. Though it does spec a song or two, there are lots of – and they are not especially unforgettable. And the story provides some wonderful characters and a sprinkle of laughs – not to describe a precious lesson – but it is not truly anything fresh or sudden.

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