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Princess Belle Story and Informative Review

Belle is one of the most gorgeous of the Disney Princess characters and first emerged in the Disney animated spec movie “Beauty and the Beast” that premiered on 13 November, 1991.

Like many of Disney’s fairy tales, the story of Beauty and the Beast was actually based on the old fairy tale titled “Beauty and the Beast” by the Garbrieel-Suzanne (French author) and later republished and abridged by the Jeanne-Marie (French author). The Beauty and the Beast story is based on a lovely woman that is kept in a castle by horrible beast.

Beauty and the Beast was the primary and only animated feature movie to be nominated for an Academy prize for Best Picture and got Academy prizes for the Best Music for Actual Score and Best Music for Real Song for the Song “Beauty and the Beast” featured during the popular ballroom dance series with Belle and the Beast making for fantastic kids party characters. The movie is one of the well known animated Disney movies and its victory has seen the adaption to a long running level musical and other medial adaption featuring Belle in comic, storybooks, video games, books. Disney on Ice Shows and direct to video launches to have added Beauty and the Beast: Belle Magical World and The Enchanted Christmas.

The outfit that Belle princess wear the most in the movie is a blue peasant dress with a white blouse. Her dress also has a white apron on the front. While many trust that the idea of Belle dressing was from Dorothy dress from The Wizard of Oz, it was exactly created from the dress that Julie Andrews wore in the Sound of the Music. The Belle Party Princess dress is most popular for and the one she is portrayed the most in is the Yellow Golden ball gown. While Belle Princess just wears this during the Ballroom series with the beast, this is by far her most stylish outfit.

Belle is one of the greet-able and meet-able princess characters at the Walk Disney theme parks. Belle is a real beauty, she is intelligent and sweet natured and has brown eyes and long brown hair. She wears a glossy yellow ballroom gown and often is exposed holding the rose that is the sign of love throughout the movie. Belle remains a best Disney princess that a pretty girls love.

Belle has really captured the imaginations and hearts of the many of fans and has earned her location in history as one of the amazing Disney princesses.

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