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Minion party characters are filled with ENERGY and EXCITEMENT – get ready for this roller coaster ride !

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Parents Info on Character – will help you with questions from your children ?

The despicable minion is a fictional cartoon and many people combine a party princess with Minion who is small, yellow and cylindrical creature with two eyes. The creatures are impulsive with very less self -control. They are small wide eyed wonder with odd innocence. This is why viewers are able to relate and connect with them well.

The creatures can be a bit pesky when they are in weird interactions with other animals, people and objects. The simple homunculus creatures are a bunch of exuberant mind. Their height, number of eyes, roundness and secondary features such as hair, eye pupil make them stand apart.

Minions love to wear metal shades which help them to accommodate their number of eyes. They wear blue clothes with small black gloves. An emblem of GRU