Rent a Santa

Every little child dreams at Christmas, to have Santa Claus Party Characters put a gift under your pillow when you are asleep. These are the stories you have been told ever since we have started to learn to speak. Santa Claus is a legendary figure that is seen to get children gifts during Christmas time. Ever thought how fabulous it would be to rent a Santa performer for your child’s birthday party or Christmas party? Christmas is coming up 2019, parks, stores, hotels and day care schools turn up the Christmas spirit with our performers bringing an excellent time for all the kids. We have added a few new options this year out of the ordinary, check in with the party planners for Christmas to find out what those things are.

rent a santa

Rent a Santa

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Nutcracker on Stilts or Without

Old Santa, Little Elves, Grinch

Dancing/Singing Santa, Ms. Santa, Bad Santa

Bilingual Santa, Santa Helpers, Snowman

santa christmas party rental

Christmas Party with the Elf On The Shelf

Elf on the Shelf!

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