FAQ – Please RESPECT our time

PARENTS PLEASE BE PART OF THE PERFORMANCE. We need your help sometimes with getting dressed , aiding in organizing the children especially if the costume muffles our voices or is difficult to see around, parents are like our MC or partner – we are grateful.

Please have all your questions ready for us prior to calling – write them down if you must – like a grocery list – we would appreciate it.

We typically ask for a 1 hour window of arrival due to unforeseen circumstances as you know all the new road construction everywhere is very unpredictable. If you must have a performer arrive sharply at a given time , you can pay extra to have to the performer leave a few hours in advanced to assure they will arrive at a actual time. Thanks for being understanding.

Prices of Packages?

Q. What is the PRICE ? there are many variables involved with the price. Most variables are due to time and type of service.
Location of event
— Time spent at event (do not expect performers to spend more than 15 min dealing with any issues e.g. waiting for client to get money from a atm/excessive parking issues/valet problems/client taking their time mingling drinking cocktails while performers wait/etc I “OWNER” could list 100’s of inconsiderate behavior I’ve personally experienced over the years. These irresponsible actions wont be tolerated at all, if it is done, it begins to tap into your event time). We have a responsibility to many clients every week, its your JOB as a client to be prepared and be the director at the event. It is unfair to the performers time and other clients after you, if your irresponsible. Performers will arrive early to get dressed and set up. RESPECT our time because 1 bad customer causes a domino effect on every other event.
— How many performers.
— Please have your questions ready before calling in.

Q: Does the performer bring an assistant ? No, unless its the LED Robot or Giant Transformer (than its needed – you pay for that helper)

Q. Will the performer come for 1 child ? Yes we do this all the time.

Q. Will the performer go to a church or school ? yes we do this every week.

Q. Will the performer play with the children? Yes with the interactive party.

Q. Will the performer concentrate on the birthday child? Absolutely because its their special day.

Q. Will the performer do more then 1 hour ? Yes, if in a mascot though, short breaks are needed. Costumes are very hot. Minion is the hottest, in 10 minutes it looks like you jumped into a swimming pool. 

Q. Will the entertainers go to a restaurant, night club, business convention, wedding reception, photo shoot for a special event or a business promo event? We sure will

Q. Will the characters come to a legitimate charity event at a hospital? Possibly , yet only the owner of the company is willing to provide his free time e.g. charity work if time permits. You must call in to ask.

Q. Does the performer bring a music box? Yes a battery powered.

Q. Will the performer entertain at a park? Yes , we do this every week.

Q. Will the performer come to a hospital ? Yes we do this all the time.

Q. Will the characters come to a ball park ? Yes

Q. Should we tip the performer ? It isn’t mandatory to tip, but if you like the service then yea tip the performer. A little heads up , performers give out discount coupons at parties.

Payment Policy: All deposits are nonrefundable but can be credited to a future event for up to 1 year. These deposits are to lock up a entertainers schedule and for us to avoid indecisive customers or competitor companies unethical fraudulent reservations. We can cancel your event if your behavior is volatile with us. Again all deposits are non-refundable.