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Kara Zor-KI is a Superman cousin. Super girl character review has a defiant and brash personality that she developed in feedback to the destruction of krypton; she is saving earth in Superman stead at his request.

Supergirl has the capability to interpret and detect sound waves, this denotes that she is capable to hear even the lowest of sound from a big distance away, describing that she can find a one person in the globe just from their heartbeat or voice, this is done by filtering out every other sound in the globe. Supergirl character party can also notice sound waves at a lower or higher frequency than a general human ear can generally detect, this ranges from radio waves to sub sonic wavelengths. For more detail check Supergirl superhero review in Miami.

Supergirl has the capability to produce intense heart from her eyes; this heat is then targeted and projected into the type of beams of energy, which can be used to soften steel structures or warm up cold coffee, describing that she can manage the heat of these beams.

The real magnitude of Supergirl power is unknown, she was simply capable to knock down armored weaponized machines just with minimal strains and when she strikes superman, it exactly hurts him and he notes that he is never been target that hard before. She can lift hundred tons with minimal effort.

Supergirl was born into a society of 100s of years ahead of Earth. She lives there for about fifteen years and learned much of the technology. Krpyton was managed by the Science Council and it was a big part of their regular lives. Though in the New 52 it is not presented it she still possesses it.