Aurora Princess Party

King also calls the 3 best fairies, Merryweather, Fauna, and Flora to endow his daughter with their magical blessings. Flora awards the princesses the gift of beauty, while Fauna provides her the gift of amazing signing voice. But only when Merryweather is about to generate her gift, the evil fairy Maleficent emerges. Angry that the royals did not invite her to the party, she puts a curse on the beautiful princess – so that on her 16th celebration of birthday, she will select her finger on the spindle of a turning wheel and die. Maleficent then vanishes before Stephen guards can catch her.

The best fairies are powerless to loosen the curse on Aurora, but Merryweather is capable to fail the spell so that if such a thing does happen, she will just fall asleep, not die. And the just thing that will get up Aurora from the spell is a kiss from her real love.

Aurora and the beautiful man fall in love and admit to meet later, but when returns to her cottage, Fauna, Flora and Merryweather expose to her that she is a princess and that she is already engaged to a price and therefore she can never see the beautiful man again.

Aurora is really sad by the news. But doing as she’s told, she dress in the gown that the fairies have woven with the magical power and tours with them to the Kingdom palace, in preparation to met her true parents and subjects. The fairies also make a crown for her, but in spite of all the finery, she is sad about the handsome stranger.

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