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Luke Skywalker Jedi character in Star Wars movie and Kids review

When the promotional materials and merchandise for Star Wars: Episode VII – The Force Awakens all ignored to contain Luke Skywalker, followers could not support but ask why. It was famous all along that the 3 leads from the actual Star Wars trilogy (Mark Hamill, Harrison Ford, and Carrie Fisher) would be return back for the Force Awakens along with many of their comparisons so the nonattendance of the most vital of the 3 was suspicious.

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Co-writer and Director J.J. Abrams would just say that this was “no-accident”, fuelling a big array of speculation including the technique that Hamill return could see him enjoying the Villain of the fresh trilogy – a technique he had himself years ago. Abrams wanted followers fresh to the franchise to be capable to ask who is Luke Skywalker Jedi just like the fresh character introduced in Star War Seven do and in terms of a kids party one could get Darth Vader character to fight the Jedi. Actually, it was the questions “who is Luke Skywalker Jedi character” that sold Abrams on making the movie in the primary location.

As it turns out, there are an extremely easy factor as to why there are not Luke posters and toys for Episode Seven in the wild, and why he did not show in any of the teaser trailers or TV commercials. It is because he is barel