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One of the most remarkable big screen blockbusters the film industry is the historical breakthrough Transformers and its sequel. Men and women, kids and adults are all taken by storm with the power cast in the most advanced visual Transformers movies. Along with the human transformer characters or the dispensable robot casts, the auto bots and of the septa guns. Among these dynamic action packed figures, optimist prime led the saga not only in the story line but most especially in the preference of most transformer enthusiasts and lovers. With this frenzy and trend, the advent and continuous patient patronage of millions of optimist prime costume version 2 is indeed groundbreaking.

Why do people preferred this costume character?

The notoriety of the Transformers saga continues to draw thousands of collectors and sci-fi lovers to purchase different items that are offered in the line with the movie mania. Whenever kids have themed parties especially during Halloween the costume character presents this dynamic array of entertainment of the autobody team is a sure hit. It adds to the wide range of choices your kids can choose from, making the Transformers fever ever heat up. It is also an amazing outfit that is totally cool and trendy for kids who are constantly hooked with robotic themes and antics of the film. These colorful and innovative attires are so prominently apparent in the latest optimist prime costume version 2. You can create kids party with this costume very easily.

One of the features of this outfit?

When you try to look at the comics and television version of the film, optimist prime has civic look and trademark as the leader of the protagonist autobot team. Some of the specifications featuring optimist prime costume version number two are the red and gray suit or jumpsuit made of polyester Velcro that is a closure of the back. To give more robotic touch in the costume, foam body armor is conveniently tied around the areas of the back part and attaches to the waist, chest and shoulder region. The eyes light up similar to that of the LED robots. To finish the optimist prime resemblance, the armor is specifically designed with Prince in size look exactly like that of the auto-bot leader.

Still on the jumpsuits, the sleeves are likewise attach with foam cups especially the upper arm complete with a printed Transformers logo. Over the wrist parts, blue colored foam cups are flared along with an ankle cuffs that is also blue in color. It is attached to the lower portion of the jumpsuit exactly represented an exact optimist prime character. For the finishing touch of plastic elastic mask for the character is properly secured to the facial region of the costume. It has an adjustable and unrestricted vision provided by the slits for the eyes of your very own vision of donning the optimist prime costume version 2. To ensure that you get the best deals, top it off with an optimist prime gloves certainly a perfect match the overall feel of the outfit.

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