Miamisuperhero Non Profit

We had a wonderful day the first part of the nonprofit character service with the Easter Bunny that we are doing for Alex’s place pediatric center for kids with cancer and blood disorders located in Miami Florida. Ivy owner Sean to be firefighter paramedic and now graduated medical doctor have seen many scenarios that have at times saddened me as a human being. One thing that makes me incredibly happy is offering my services via entertainment or medicine for young children that are starting off life with significant medical conditions. I’m very pleased with the outcome here today, the staff was incredibly helpful and I look forward to the second event on April 2 at their sister clinic Nicklaus children’s hospital. It was my goal to see if I could get the kids to simply just pay attention to the now and to try to laugh a couple dozen times while we were there. My goal was achieved if I would’ve had to stay there all day and night I I wouldn’t have left until my goal is achieved :)

Alex’s Place Pediatric Cancer Miami Florida