Descendants Party

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Descendants Birthday Party

Movie Review on Descendants the Movie

Children in USA movies are typically superior to adults. The children are not just all right, they are less corrupt, wiser, and more experienced. “Home alone” is a classic example, where the brave, resourceful kid success over both the vindictiveness of the burglars and the stupidity of his parents.

The Descendants,” the latest movie with George Clooney, begins more like a French movie, where kids are well, children and its parents who must suffer and learn to cope with the kid’s thoughtlessness and immaturity.

Clooney is Matt King. Kinglike, he must decide the luck of a big tract of pristine Kauai land that his family has hold for many generations. The cash from the sale will make him and his lots of cousins and their families wealthy.

But as a father and husband he is far being ruler of all he surveys. His wife has been in a disaster and lies in a coma. His 2 daughters are unapologeticly cheeky and unspeakable which makes these the opposite to a princess party type of performer but we have the perfect performers for your child’s birthday. As the movie begins, age ten, Scottie, has send an obscene, nasty text to a classmate. Alex, 17, now at an expensive private therapeutic/rehab school, first appears on sunscreen drunk, having a slicked out of her room at night with another lady.

Then the movie magically changes the kids. Each has been introduced as obscene, obtuse, or obnoxious. But now, Alex, it turns out, knows more than her father does, at least in single key area – that his wife, now on life support, had been cheating on him.

Adults and teens are a team trying to discover the identity and place of the seducer so that King can tackle him. The teenagers are rapidly much less difficult and much more supportive, while King sometimes appears uncertain and even stupid, peering over hedges to spy on his wife’s lover. He asks his daughter for suggestion. He even asks Sid what he should perform. Sometime this is a great reason to make some great plans for one of the mom’s at the party to chime in.

Descendants Birthday Party
Still, the movie doesn’t go pure Hollywood. It does not present the globe as a character contest where best faces evil, where the right act is clear, and the big question is how the hero will appear to make it. Instead, it shows a grown-up trying to understand and cope with problems and people he cannot really control.

The soundtrack is also properly restrained, making best use of familiar Hawaiian melodies and lightly strummed strings. It would not be at all shocked if several of those involved in this frank endeavor have a date with Oscar in the coming weeks. This soundtrack makes it a great party idea to do a Descendants party for kids birthdays.

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