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Incredible Hulk Super Hero Info For Parents

Incredible hulk is a fictional superhero in the comics published by Marvel Comics. The hero is the baby of Stan Lee and Jack Kirby. Hulk is a large green colored human with unlimited superhuman strength and invulnerability making him very interesting to children especially as a party character for birthdays. The potency of these attributed increase in magnitude with his increasing anger.

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The character of Hulk has arisen from the alter ego of Bruce Banner. Bruce is a socially inactive and emotionally reserved person. He is a psychiatrist by profession. He transforms into Hulk when he is going through an emotionally stressful period. After transformation banner and hulk are two different personalities. Banner bears no resemblance with Hulk.

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The first transformation of Banner to hulk took place when he was caught in a blast of gamma bomb. This invention had taken place while he tried to save Rick Jones, a youth who was wandering in the testing range. The history of Banner’s life had an impact on his transformation into Hulk. The father of Banner got mad and used to physically and mentally abuse his mother. This led to the creation of a psychological fear and anger in the mind. The fear and anger is the underlying cause of the Hulk’s behavior. The incredible hulk used to divorce from Banner when under a pressure situation.

Banner is the greatest scientific mind on Earth with an expertise in biology, chemistry, physiology and nuclear physics. There is a saying for incredible hulk that the madder the hulk gets, the stronger the hulk gets. Incredible hulk is resistant to injury or damage. He can withstand solar temperatures, nuclear explosions and planet shattering impacts. The incredible hulk can be affected by chemical weapons such as anesthetic gases.

Hulk is depicted in different media. There were many movies in which the character of Hulk was pictured. Notable Hollywood actors such as Eric Bana, Edward Norton have played the character of Banner in the movie. Hulk has been place on the ninth ranking in the IGN’s top 100 comeback heroes.

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Various companies have earned millions of rupees by merchandising of the character of Incredible Hulk. There are a wide range of toys, audio, video games, shirts, coffee mugs, and plates making for great party ideas themes etc. which are available in the market. Children love to read the story books of incredible hulk. The character of Hulk has stood the test of time and emerged as a genuine icon of American pop culture. Empire magazine has ranked the incredible Hulk as the fifth greatest marvel character.

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