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    Please read FAQ page before calling
    Look at Packages page before calling

    Phone Lines are recorded, and any demanding harassing type of behavior from clients, will NOT be tolerated, this is a kid’s company, and we deal with more uptight clients than any company the owner has.

    Miami 786-220-5686
    Broward 954-239-7244
    Palm Beach 561-293-3535

    Be Careful with 866 and 800 numbers
    1. Because they aren’t local
    2. They cant monitor costumes & performers
    3. What performer & costume look like
    4. Knowing personality in person
    5. Personally training performers locally
    6. If you look in other cities/states, they are there, too, with the same pictures/videos
    7. Deceiving you cheaper prices=cheaper service

    Every weekend we have people calling us, assuming we booked their party when they booked with another company that never showed up. These people yell and get us searching all over the place when in fact, it was never us that booked you, do NOT call us volatile over the phone when you don’t know what company you ordered with – if you don’t have a receipt for a deposit with us to read out over the phone then go look for it or DO NOT call us with your temper tantrum, this is happening every weekend causing stress on our end inhibiting our ability to handle the clients that paid us. We understand many companies are unethical, but if you just ordered with us in the first place, this wouldn’t have happened – go cheap, pay double that’s your choice.

    4874 SW 142nd Pl
    Miami FL 33175

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