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Mickey Mouse Character Kids Party

Mickey Mouse party in Miami

Mickey Mouse is the animated character who is the official mascot of the Walt Disney Company. The character is the creation of Walt Disney and Ub Iwerks. It was created at Walt Disney studios in 1928 which from there caused a craze with all children across the globe. He wears red shorts with large yellow shoes and white gloves. He is the most famous and loved cartoon party characters of the world.

mickey mouse kids party

Mickey Mouse Kids Party

mickey mouse character for kids

Mickey Mouse Character

Mickey had officially debuted in film Steamboat Willie in the year 1928. He has made appearance in almost 130 films till date and many more to come as a press release was notified to Miami CBS news. Almost ten of the cartoons of Mickey had been nominated for the Academy Award for Best Animated Short Film. Mickey has a loving girlfriend Minnie Mouse. The pet dog of Mickey is named Pluto. Donald and goofy are his good friends.

mickey mouse character party

Mickey Mouse Birthday Party

In the year 1950, Mickey had become famous for its appearance on television. He became famous with the series The Mickey Mouse club where even a princess party is appropiate. Mickey made a comeback on the theatrical animation with Mickey’s Christmas carol. Mickey had a tough competition from Bugs Bunny.

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The voice of Mickey was given by Walt Disney, who is the co- creator of Mickey Mouse. Mickey made his first appearance in comic after his appearance in 15 commercial successful animated movies. King features syndicate approached Walt Disney offering the license to Mickey and his supporting characters. Mickey made his official appearance in the comic in the year 1930.