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Would you like to give your kids a birthday party that he or she will never forget?

Wouldn’t it be wonderful if all the parents of the children at your son or daughter’s birthday party were talking about the event that you made happen?

Be the actual Miami Superhero of the day and bring your kid’s favorite Superhero or Princess to your kid’s birthday party. Whether it’s one of the Ninja Turtles, Princess Sofia the First, a superhero, the entire Avengers team, or even a Princess for the little girl of your life, you can make your child’s special day unforgettable by hiring one of our incredible performers to show up as a superhero or other party character.

For most kids, toys come and go. Birthday presents get broken, replaced, and discarded as soon as the next toy goes on sale. But memories of their superhero or princess party will last forever. Your little boy or girl will never forget the time their favorite character or superhero showed up to wish them happy birthday.

But with a Miami SuperHero it isn’t just a greeting. By using our service your kid will get to spend the entire party with their favorite Princess character or Miami Superhero, and the hero will even take part in a wide variety of activities to make sure memories are made that will last a lifetime. If you’re planning on having a character superhero party in Miami or the surrounding areas, your party will be covered by some of the best actors you’ve ever seen. Just check out our many customer reviews to see some of the incredible experiences our customers have had. Even better, check out the live videos on our YouTube page or other social media channels to see our performers in action!
kids princess party

Frozen Princesses & Olaf

What Happens At Your Character Party?

1. Arriving with an amazing energetic intro, the Superhero or Princess you choose for the birthday party will get the day set for a lot of fun. Once all of the kids have gotten over the initial excitement of the superhero showing up (at least a little bit; they’ll be far too excited to completely calm down), the superhero will do a big parade to get all of the kids up and interacting with their favorite hero. They will play games with the kids based on their age and abilities; like musical chairs, hot potato, freeze dance contests, tug of war, etc. They can even show the kids some superhero kicks and punches. Our performers are specifically chosen to fit the role and look of your chosen superhero, princess, or other party character.

2. When it’s time to sing Happy Birthday, the hero will join in on sing-alongs with the birthday boy or girl, and also be there to help cut the cake. If there is a piñata (after all, what birthday party is complete without one?) the superhero will also help break it open.

3. Can you imagine just how excited your child would be if a Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtle sliced the piñata open, or if a Princess read them a story? The smile on their face would last until their next birthday and you’ll be able to capture it! All of the superheroes will stay around to take tons of pictures with all of the kids so every memory is captured forever. We even offer a photographer that will take pictures at your kid’s party and charge only per picture of your liking.

Bringing Santa in during Christmas to hand out presents or having the Easter Bunny stop by to help with the egg hunt have been a staple for every kids party. With a superhero party, Miami residents will be able to give their child that same whimsical, magical experience on their special day — their birthday.

princess elsa and anna in miami

Princess Elsa & Anna

Easter is around the corner. Get your Easter Bunny here.

Princess Party Ideas? Don’t worry because we have them all, and our princesses are so talented that they will put on a Broadway-like show with live singing.

princess cinderella party

Princess Cinderella performing in Coral Gables

So if you’re ready to host the best party your son or daughter could ever hope for, get in touch with us today! Your child is amazing; make sure his or her birthday party is too.

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Party asked for Power Ranger to TWERK

Minion gets thrown in the pool at the Ritz Carlton Miami Beach

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