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About Miamisuperhero

We ensure customer show satisfaction

Children’s memories last forever and we specialize in exceeding you and your child’s expectations when playing as your super hero or movie character. We make sure that when they look back on the amazing birthday party where they met their ultimate idol that they will cherish for the rest of their lives.


My message “I have loved the enormous amount of friends I have made through events in entertainment. I love the feeling I get when I do charity for kid’s/elderly that are in dire circumstances. 99% of conflict is due to misunderstood words in different context, so please remember what I the owner am all about as customer service these days in America is a very high conflict niche.” HAKUNA MUTATA

MiamiSuperHero Owner

Miamisuperhero owner has over 25 years of experience in the entertainment world. Through his hard work and dedication to the world of entertainment, this allowed him to pay for his many years in school. The owner is a 4th Degree Black Belt studied martial arts since the age of 6 initally under Master Eddie Able super heavyweight kickboxing champion and for many years under 10th degree black belt  Master Bart Vale. The son of a former Veitnam vet and now retired police officer. The owner Sean is a former Firefighter-Paramedic, has 6 degrees and is a graduate as a Medical Doctor. This has allowed him to provide charity work to many Pediatric Intensive Care Units, cancer centers and more within  local South Florida hospitals. Born and raised in South Florida, he enjoys giving back to children, veterans and geriatric patients. Sean has been on close to 150 TV shows as a entertainer e.g. Caliente dance show many times and was paid for, Deco drive 6 times, a Deco drive judge, Entertainment tonight TV show 30 minute interview, Cristina show, Will Farell event twice, Jennifer Lopez events twice, Jennifer Aniston party, Shaq birthday, many NFL players living local, Pit Bull events, Gloria Estafan, Cox on the radio, Boe Griffin former power 96 dj, DJ Laz many events, Jillian Micahel’s on E-channel, Robin Williams bird cage movie speaking part, Maury Povich show, Harlem Ink, in charge of many major city festivities for multiple Mayor’s/Hotels/Schools etc. Many charity or non-profit events have also been done by Sean for the betterment of those children that are in significant health compromise.

DJ Laz with Oscar The Performer

Miss Florida U.S. Singing

miamisuperhero about owner

Firefighter Paramedic

Miami Dolphins Mike Pouncy

Message to Parents / Clients

All contract / bookings are in agreement, binding, and final with our company’s policies.
All parties require a pre-authorization on debit/credit card to rule out pranks and poor integrity.
We only accept credit card payments if client offers further asked for information due to the millions of Americans that do fraudulent credit card chargebacks.
All clients must answer their phone when performer is calling and/or texting on the performers way to the party, if client doesn’t respond , the performer will not continue driving to clients event, the performer will go to their following event and “The Party Character Entertainment” LLC will charge a $25 cancel fee per character for not respecting our time.
All clients must pay attention to the 1 hour window of arrival in agreement with company and client , if client forgets this information they are welcome to call the office , if the the client makes an error assuming there is no window of arrival , we will cancel and charge $25 cancel fee for not respecting our time.
Exact Cash payment is accepted at time of performance only (not for the deposit).
Payment is required once entertainer/performer arrives to event/party. They will not begin event/performance until final payment is received upon arrival.
Your event length of time begins once entertainer/performer has arrived.

All children, parents/adults, and guest must be respectful and courteous to our staff/performers at ALL times. No violence, harassment, hit/kicking, and/or screaming/yelling is permitted to any staff/performer at any time; this includes office staff over the phone. If so, we do have the right to protect our staff/performers in which your party/event will be canceled at any time, and a cancelation fee of $25 will be charged.

We hold the right to Cancel any event/party and charge cancellation fee due to:

(1) Any violence, harassment, hitting/kicking, screaming/yelling, and/or unsafe environment towards our staff/performers.
(2) Any harassment towards our staff/performers including text-messages, voice mails, and/or phone calls.
(3) NO Checks – NO exceptions (exact cash payment and/or credit card payments only).

Pricing varies mainly due to Service type & Event Location

Prior to calling our office, please have the following information ready in order to provide you with exact pricing, as there are some variables to pricing. We don’t offer price quotes on site due to a significant amount of callers yelling and cussing at us on the phone if price is changed even for $5. Due to the volatile nature of many online/over the phone callers, we avoid this scenario by asking the client to call us for the price.

(1) Exact location to event (South Florida is a very large geographical area)?
(2) Additional Location Fees:
——- (a) North of Boca Raton.
——- (b) South of Kendall Drive 88str.
(3) Estimated time of arrival (Reserving a weekday party or a kids party place may negate window of arrival?
——- (a) 1 hour window of arrival included in price.
——- (b) Exact time of arrival VIP is $50 extra per character (weekend parties only)
(4) How many performers?
(5) Duration of performance [30 min only $10 cheaper than 1hr), 1-hour, 1.5-hours, 2-hours]?
(6) Time of event/party?
——- (a) Most requested time slot: 3PM-4PM
——- (b) Second requested time slot: 2:30PM

Be Careful with 866 and 800 numbers

1. Because they arent local
2. They cant monitor costumes & performers
3. What performer & costume really look like
4. Knowing personality in person
5. Personally training performers locally
6. If you look in other cities/states, they are there too with same pictures/videos
7. Deceiving you with cheaper prices=cheaper service

Payment Policy

Most payments are cash upon arrival with some payments made via credit card/debit/company checks but have a lot of red tape before accepted due to the millions of Americans doing fraudulent charge backs. The pre-authorization cancel fees are too prevent mostly competitor companies doing unethical fraudulent reservations to stress us out, pranks and indecision in clients. We can cancel your booked event/party and charge the pre-authorization cancellation fee ($25), if at any time any children, parents/adults, and/or guest are disrespectful and/or volatile to our staff/performers at ANY time. No violence, hit, kicking, and/or screaming is permitted to any staff/performer at any time; this includes office staff. If so, we do have the right to protect our staff/performers in which your party/event will be canceled at any time, and a cancellation fee will be charged.


Our company policies set in place in order to operate your event and business effectively and efficiently. Entertainers/performers are contracted for the enjoyment and happiness of the children. Event/party planning can be stressful for some parents/adults however you must be respectful and courteous to our staff/performers at ALL times. Always refer to our FAQ as many of your questions will be answered. Your event length of time begins once entertainer/performer has arrived. Please note, some parents do forget to bring exact payment to event in which a trip to a local bank/ATM is required. During this time, the entertainer/performer will not proceed with event until final payment is received. This will cut into the allocation time of your booked event/party.

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Boys or Girls Packages


Character Face Time or Whatsapp Video Chat in Costume (10 minutes): $60  (performer still has to drive to office)

Character Visit Package (15 minute visit): $125 minimum (drive time is same even though party time is less, also depends on location if price increases)

Theatrical entrance
Taking pictures with all the children and family
Signing Posters
Singing happy birthday

Character Interactive Package (1 hour show MOST POPULAR):

Theatrical entrance & looking the part
Role play performance (dancing, punches, kicks etc.)
Dance contest
Musical Chairs
General improving (with multiple games)
Participation in pinata
Singing happy birthday
Autographed weapon for birthday boy (extra charge)
Autographed weapon for birthday boy (free if 2 characters are at show)
Secret demonstration, please ask us what we have to offer (extra charge depending)

Character Interactive Package Extended (1.5-5 hours):

Same as interactive package with increased charges for time

Convention Party Package:

Characters provide advertisement of your company attached to the costume of choice. Favorites are Transformers , Iron man and Minion.

Girls Packages


Princess Face Time or Whatsapp Video Chat in Costume (10 minutes): $60 (performer still has to drive to office)

Princess Visit Package (15 min visit): $125 minimum (drive time is same even though party time decreased, also depends on location)

Parade type entrance
Taking pictures
Signing posters
Free Tiara for birthday girl

Princess Interactive Package (1 hour show- MOST POPULAR):

Parade type entrance
Taking pictures
Singing With Live Voice
Role Playing
Story Telling
Lecture Interaction
Game Playing Depending on Role of Character
Signing posters
Free Tiara & Magic Wand Autographed for birthday girl
Additional Tiara’s will have an extra charge



Some FAQ Below:

Miss Florida our Princess at Miami Dolphins charity event

Q. Will the performer come for 1 child ? Yes we do this all the time.
Q. Will the performer go to a church or school ? yes we do this every week.
Q. Will the performer play with the children? Yes with the interactive party.
Q. Will the performer concentrate on the birthday child? Absolutely because its their special day.
Q. Will the entertainers go to a night club, business convention, wedding reception, photo shoot for a special event or a business promo event? We sure will
Q. Will the characters come to a legitimate charity event at a hospital? Possibly , yet only the owner of the company is willing to provide his free time e.g. charity work if time permits. You must call in to ask.
Q. Does the performer bring a music box? Yes a battery powered.
Q. Will the performer entertain at a park? Yes , we do this every week. WARNING: Parks want to stick their little paws in the cookie jar, so don’t ask us if we are a vendor, I would have to be a millionaire to be a vendor at 5000 parks in south Florida. We have never had a park attendant come up to us at a party and if they did Im your cousin ?
Q. Will the performer come to a hospital ? Yes we do this all the time.
Q. Will the characters come to a ball park ? Yes
Q. Should we tip the performer ? It isn’t mandatory to tip, but if you like the service then yea tip the performer. A little heads up , performers give out discount coupons at parties.

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Why People Choose Us ?

We are very successful in the Miami to Palm Beach area for the Children’s Entertainment industry. We don’t only have Super heroes like Batman and Spiderman; we also have princesses , avengers to TV Characters like Sponge Bob, and Movie Characters like Shrek, Iron man, Hulk and Buzz Lightyear. Our characters will put on a show role played by character, punches & kicks, singing, dancing, play games, carry birthday cakes, sing happy birthday, answer questions about what the other super heroes are currently doing.