Princess Party

We Have a REAL Live SINGER – We also have Lip Singers

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Hire A Princess – Bring Life To Your Daughters Birthday With a REAL SINGER!

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princess party

Princess Party

A birthday party is any child’s most waited day. The day when children want all their dreams fulfilled, the day when they want to be treated as special. Parents too, want to give the best to their children whether it is gift or anything else; they just want to make their kids happy. If you wish to plan a princess party in Miami, Pembroke Pines, Weston, Boca Raton or any area between Miami to Palm Beach to celebrate your child’s birthday so that it becomes a talking point for all the invitees, you need to think about what is the best experience like a LIVE SINGER performing versus a lip singer performing it does make a huge difference in the energy and impact of the show. Anyone can lip sing to songs and smile but we bring more than that with a real singing princess performance. Matter of fact, even parents at out events appreciate the talent of a singer and parents end up watching the show with more interest. Talent is what you get with us and it has proven time and time again to be a significant impact on this special day that every child waits for. Your children look up to you for exciting surprises, so think about talent over the cost. There are many cheap services around South Florida but trying to save a few dollars will lessen the overall feel and emotional gratification everyone will receive at the birthday. How about giving a the theme party by adding a prince or male role to the event like Kristoff of Frozen, Maui of Moana, prince Adam or the Beast, prince Eric for the little Mermaid, Florian for Snow White, Philip for sleeping beauty, prince charming for Cinderella, Sultan for Jasmine, Naveen for Tiana, Eugen Fitzherbert for Rapunzel or Tangled, John Smith or john Rolfe for Pocahontas, James for Sofia, Edward for Enchanted and more? The performer arrives dressed like a fairy or princess, and this is when the whole surprise begins to unfold.

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Interactive Activities

Engaging activities with all the children listed below. (these activities may differ from one princess and from one party to another based off what the children enjoy)