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Captain America is a fictional superhero in the Marvel comics and makes for a great Captain America superhero party. The character made it first appearance in Marvel comics in the year 1940. The character is the creation of Joe Simon and Jack Kirby. Almost 210 million copies of Captain America had been sold by the year 2007. Captain America wears a costume with an American flag. He has a shield which cannot be destroyed. This shield is therefore used as a weapon and for the purpose of self-defense. The character had gained immense popularity during the time of war in 1940’s. As the war came to end, the popularity of the party character had also faded away. The impact was so high that the magazine had to be discontinued for the time period. The revival of the magazine took place in the year 1953.

The character was given a reincarnation with a name of M.I.A soldier who was retrieved from an iceberg. The team who retrieved captain America is known by the name of AVENGERS. Since that time, Captain America is leading the team and he doesn’t have a wife but some say that the Avengers should set him up with a girl, well okay hire a princess party to come join this superhero given he is like a prince charming.

The character of Captain America is the second self of Steve Rogers. Rogers was basically a normal human being who rose above the level of imperfection with an experimental serum. This was done by the government of United States to aid them in the World War 2.

The character of Captain America had no superpowers yet makes for a great birthday party for kids and even when mixed with a party princess. He was transformed with the help of Super- soldier serum and Vita ray treatment. The strength, speed, endurance, agility, reflexes and durability are of a superhuman after the treatment. The super-soldier serum never finishes from the body of Captain America instead it is replenished after a short time. The senses and reflexes of Captain America are very quick and witty.

The fifth volume of captain America had shown the assassination of Steve. Although it was revealed on a later stage that he is alive. This was the first comic to be adapted in other mediums. A movie serial named captain America came in the year 1944. The movie serial had earned huge accolades and appreciation from audience. The character of Captain America has been ranked sixth on IGN’s Top 100 comeback heroes.

Simon was paid the royalty for using the character and merchandising it. There are a number of shirts, mugs, plates, video games which are available in the market. Many toys and even story books have been launched by the name of batman.

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