Oktoberfest Event

Oktoberfest event

Oktoberfest Event

Oktoberfest Party

Oktoberfest party

Celebrate Oktoberfest With A Costume Character Serving You

Definitely, there is something captivating about a woman behind a bar, but to push that captivation to the limit, there is truly no match for the pleasantly cheeky fun of the costume. Long a symbol of the respected Oktoberfest festival in Germany, the beer lady keeps celebrants lubricated with mug after mug of the top German beer from sunup to sundown. The German hot girl costume is itself a shock to behold. You could also add some party characters to the event to make the festivity turn up.

The German Oktoberfest beer girl costume is made up of a dirndl, the laced dress over a blouse that one generally thinks of when picturing Oktoberfest events. The skirt is generally quite full, though at