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Owner Former Fire Fighter Paramedic

Owner Former Fire Fighter Paramedic

Below are reviews and screen shots of conversations of owners cell phone with some clients

Hey Sean , this is Mari from Miami we had a second party again now with 4 Ninja Turtles and Shredder. The costumes were unique and amazing like you said they would be. The guys were very funny joking with my husband about the fight scene they would do with him. I thought the group lessons were a great improvised idea because of the party having so many children. The kids were all lined up in the Sword camp , defense strategy camp , punches camp and your kicking camp. The freeze dance contest was hilarious especially when you asked the parents to get up and shake it. The fight scene was awesome , my husband and all the firefighters there were cracking up and showing everyone at the station the following shift. Anyways , I know I talk a lot but just wanted to say thanks and everyone had a great time. God bless , Mari Miami , Florida reviews


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miamisuperhero reviews

Feb 6, 2016 Princess ELSA review

This is a review of a Feb 6, 2016 party with princess Elsa in Miami Beach for client Oliver in zipcode 33140 . Of course we cant provide you their personal info but as one can see another good turn out. Simple thanks for reviews bringing life to parties.

midget xmas party

Pit Bull Xmas Party

Above , sean thanks again my brother for an amazing event planning for all my family and friends. You know we will be getting you again. Pit Bull 305 Miami !!!!!!!

midgets with famous people entertainment

Will Smith Famous People

Above , guys thanks again for the wonderful time in Miami. You always pull through for us for any event. Thanks , Will Smith review

Feb 6, 2016 last minute ordering Batman party review

Above Feb 6, 2016 last minute ordering of a Batman party just before the super bowl game – party was in Sunrise at a park. It was cold out but the party went well as the owner made it there instead of going to a super bowl party. Happy birthday , Dayton little Batman Jr. reviews complaints

Jan 23, 2016 review

Above Jan 23, 2016 review of a Mickey Mouse party for kids. complaints reviews

Jan 24th , 2016 party review

Above Jan 24th, 2016 party reviews for company.

star wars characters

Star Wars is Back

Sean , this is Jeff , the Star-wars party was fantastic. The guys are know to a lot of hits from the kids , I really appreciate your patience and apologize for some of the kids behavior. The kids loved the show and more importantly my son loved the show. His favorite character is Darth Vader and loved the BREATHING APPARATUS sound.


OWNER Sean with Mike Pouncey from Dolphins

Hey, Sean thanks man for the show. The Mickey Mouse costume was great , all the kids had a very fun time. The dancing and playing was all good fun. Anyways , you can use that pic of us after the party . Thanks , Mike Pouncey Miami Dolphins

princess elsa party

Princess Elsa Frozen

miamisuperhero reviews

Thanks for the wonderful Princess Elsa show at the One Hotel in Miami Beach on December 26th , 2015 day after Christmas. All the guest loved the princess appearance , it seems princess Elsa is known all over the world. Anyways , thanks again Natali the entertainment coordinator for kids at the One Hotel in Miami Beach, Florida. reviews olaf party


Thanks sooooo much Sean for coming out on XMAS day to dress up as Olaf and entertain our guests at the ONE HOTEL in Miami Beach. I wanted to make a comment review about your company. We really appreciate you coming out on this holiday. The kids and all the guests at the pool as well enjoyed the excitement. Thanks , Natali from the ONE HOTEL in South Beach

olaf party characters reviews

WW2 VETERAN at ONE HOTEL in Miami Beach

Sean , thanks for the great 3 night show leading up to Christmas xmas. The xmas eve show was hilarious. We will definitely have you guys back for other events. As a review for I would like to say that Sean and his staff were very entertaining , sweet to all the guests at our church in Boca Raton. Sean came up with a nice plan organizing a stage show. The staff had fun with it. The guests also loved it very much. Thanks again Jacob from Victory Church

Yoda star wars party

Yoda Jedi training birthday boy

Guys thanks again for another great party. The Star wars darth vader and yoda were amazing like always. Sean , I wanted to say thanks especially surprising me with the yoda character being a midget aka little person you said. Thanks , Mary from Pembroke Pines

batman character

Our NEW Batman MASK is Awesome

I wanted to say thanks so much. All the kids loved how you played with them. The batman costume was really nice and it was great that you were very muscular because last party we had through a company the guy had a belly. I think you should just cut out the sleeves and padding because you look beefed Sean. Anyways , thanks Julio frkm cutler bay

Below: Review of Miramar Princess Ariel Party review

miamisuperhero reviews

princess ariel miramar fl

Princess Ariel Miramar Pool Party


Sean , thanks for putting this odd request together with the Baymax . My son loves Big Hero 6 and all the kids had a great time dancing with you. Thanks , Tiffany from Miramar Florida

miamisuperhero big hero 6

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