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Note: Anyone can type on the internet making unverified reviews of a company and through their own perspective.

— Being a former Firefighter/Paramedic and now Medical Doctor graduate I’ve seen an alarming amount of people on psychiatric medications in medical school rotations: Anxiety meds , depressant meds (1 out every 9 Americans are on) , psychosis meds and many people are very miserable. We have on average of about 3-10 harassment  phone calls a day. Many of them are pranks, others are very cheap/demanding people that expect customer service to stay on the phone all day and answer irrelevant to our business questions or offer them assistance with searching for other businesses. Some of these customers get very upset when we say the word no and then these over the phone only customers bully and share their anger on the internet. LOOK AT OUR WEBSITE AND YOU TUBE CHANNEL VIDEOS to see how many smiling families, those are legitimate reviews in itself. The owner will not tolerate poor behavior no matter what threats are made by customers over the phone this included bad customers that have attempted to extort the company for money or they will do bad reviews.

1 out of 9 Americans are on Anti-Depressants

“Many Customers Blackmailing Businesses” sited Forbes/Business insider

Yelp etc. are Platforms Used For Extortion of Businesses

— Many competitors hate my success as a company – their evil hate causes them to leave fraudulent reviews on sites that don’t require any PROOF e.g. ripoff report , yelp , even the BBB doesn’t require any proof of a review (BBB even tries to get companies to pay $650 a year to be credited in the attempt to exploit small companies without accountability to defend small companies versus unproven reviews. These sites love you because its free banter that makes them money for advertisement so they don’t test for validity. Some Lawyers unethical behavior post fraudulent negative reviews so then the company has to hire them for reputation service to remove the unverified review.

— Business Week and Business Atlantic states that people on the phone or online can be 5 times angrier on average in dealing with normal negotiations, discussions and business related conversations. Meaning, people tend to positively modify their behavior in person versus on the phone or online.

— Everyday, we typically get at least 1-4 ADULT uncontrolled emotional outburst. These are adults that can’t control their emotions, which is more common than most would think. Most of the time these same emotionally unstable individuals begin to threaten the company with bad reviews if we don’t meet their demands like dropping the price, talking for an alarming amount of time on the phone, not hanging up with another client on the other line, not giving our personal office address, not following our standard operating procedures to reserve a Miami superhero party character (Epidemic of fraudulent credit card disputes is another trend stated by business week) and not wanting to pay a park vendor fee which would require me to be a millionaire given there is about 5000 parks in south Florida. These people attempt to extort or blackmail small companies and business week states this is becoming a EPIDEMIC.

miamisuperhero reviews

Owner MiamiSuperHero Firefighter Paramedic

Owner- Former Firefighter Paramedic

Below are reviews and screen shots of conversations of owners cell phone with some clients

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