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The role of 16-year old Elena princess of Disney, the funny, caring, bold and clever ascendant to the throne in the fairytale Avalor kingdom, will be voiced by Aimee Carrero.

Princess Elena of Disney, a compassionate and confident teenager in an enhanced fairytale kingdom encouraged by diverse folklore and Latin culture, will be introduced in a unique episode of Disney Juniors hit Sofia series the First starting production now for 2016 premier. The amazing story arc will usher in the 2016 release of the Elena of Avalor animated series, a product of Disney TV animation. The announcement was made by Nancy Kanter, Executive Vice president, Disney Junior worldwide and General Manager. This character will be a hit in Miami for princess party visits.

Kanter said, “Our professional team has delivered a global story with themes than authentically reflect the dreams and hopes of our diverse audience,” She continued, “what excites us most is the chance to use visual design and distinctive animation to tell the amazing stories influenced by traditional and culture that are familiar to the universal population of Latino and Hispanic families and reflect the interests and aspirations of all kids as told through a classic fairy tale.”

The amazing series will be presented in 26 languages of Disney Junior channels and regular programming blocks for kids age 2-8 on Disney Channels, among other Disney platforms, in 155 nations around the globe. On TV alone, its estimated daily reach will be over 207 million homes.

Princess Elena of Disney journey starts long ago when her parents and Kingdom were taken from her by the Shuriki, evil sorceress. Elena aggressively faced the sorceress to stop her small sister, Princess Isabel, and grandparents but in the process, her supernatural amulet pulled her inside its enhanced jewel, saving her precious life but chastising her at the same time. Decades later, Enchancia Princess Sofia find outs the reality about the amulet she has worn since participating with her family royal and sets out to return Elena to her human form and support her to return to the Kingdom of Avalor.

While Princess Elena of Disney is the correct heir to the throne making her great for party characters , she is just age 16 so she will rule Avalor with the support of a Grand Council comprised of her Tito Grandfather, Royal Advisor and Grandmother Cici, Duke Esteban.

With some magical friends by her side – Skylar, a magical flying person, Mateo, a wizard in-training – Princess Elena of Disney additional exciting activities will lead her to know that her new role needs thoughtfulness, compassion and resilience, the traits of all truly amazing leaders.