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Superman Kids Party

superman kids party


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“Superman: The Famous Movie” is, as we all know, the Kal-El story, the final survivor of the doomed plant krypton who is sent to Planet Earth as a baby and given its a famous movie it also makes for a very popular birthday party characters entertainment. Discovered by Pa Kent and Ma on their way house from church, the Kents name the strange boy Clark and plan to raise him themselves. Finally, Clark leaves Smallville for Metropolis, where he become a Daily planet reporter; that is, when he is not his alter ego Superman, protecting the innocent in the name of justice, truth and American way, oh, and he truly has a thing for the paper star reporter Margo Kidder (Lois Lane).

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Complicating issues is the evil Lex Luthor, in an extremely funny Oscar nominated performance, who wants to bomb California San Andreas fault with 2 stolen nuclear missiles in order to send half the state destroying into the sea. By doing this, Luthor will have made a fresh West Coast in the globe most remarkable land swindle. Superman must find a way to prevent him, definitely, before millions of people are killed.

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Boasting a star-studded cast (besides Hackman and Reeve, the movie also specs Terence Stamp, Ned Beatty, Glenn Ford, and Marlon Brando), a charming and witty story by “Godfather” cut Mario Puzo, and taut and amazing direction from Richard Donner, the famous film also has a powerful moral worldview which offers the movie much of its power.

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Superman/Clark Ken is shown as a man that respects his parents, treats his coworkers with high reputation, is sexually pure as far as romance is concerned, and definitely cares about the safety and welfare of others. In many respects, this telling of the movie story can be seen as an allegory of the life of Christ, even though that relationship breaks down at the close when Superman violates his father orders for the sake of love making for other special party ideas. Anyway, it is energizing to spend time in a globe where crime has consequences, evildoers are rebuked, best is prized, and traditional honest worth are seen as perfect and admirable.

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Anyway, the movie has no sex, no profanity, no nudity and nothing that would make it wrong for family viewing. Although “Superman: The Movie” was followed by 3 sequels, none of them ever related the actual in storytelling or moral tone. This one, anyway, is a must-rent.

superman kids party

Superman Kids Party

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