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Batman is a fictional superhero of DC comics and makes for an amazing kids party superhero party. The Batman character is the creation of artist Bob Kane and writer Bill Finger. The character made an appearance in the comic for the first time in the year 1939. The batman has earned the title of the caped crusader, the dark knight and the world’s greatest detective over a time.

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Batman in Miami

The true name of character of Batman is Bruce Wayne, who is an American billionaire, industrialist and a philanthropist in disguise. He had witnessed the murder of his parents at a very young age. This led him to make a promise with himself that he would take the revenge of his parent’s death. He made himself strong physically and mentally to fight with the injustice. He wears a bat themed costume while fighting. Batman lives in a hypothetical city, Gotham. He had a group of friends who supported him all the way. Robin is the crime fighting partner of batman. Batman has a group of villains called as Rogues gallery. The butler of batman is Alfred Pennyworth. Jim Gordon is the police commissioner. Occasionally batgirl appears in comics.

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Batman Party in Miami Florida

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Batman owns a large arsenal of specialised gadgets in his fight against crime. The basic vehicle used by batman is BATMOBILE, which is a black colour with large tailfins. The tailfins represent the wings of BATMAN. There are many other vehicles which include Bat-plane, Bat-boat, Bat-sub and Bat-cycle. Batman rarely uses the prefix bat while refering to his vehicles and weapons. Batgirl is another fictional toon as well. Sometimes people get a girl hero like a princess party for the girls at the party to go along with Batman.

The most amazing part about the super hero is that he is devoid of any supernatural powers. He uses his instinctive drives, intellectual, martial art and detective skills to fight through various situations.

Batman is an American culture who has been licensed to be adapted by a variety of media. He makes appearance on television, films and radio. There is a variety of merchandise of Batman available worldwide even for superhero parties. There are a large number of items which include coffee mugs, t-shirts, audio and video games.

In the year 2011, batman has been ranked second on the IGN’S list of top 1oo comic characters of all time. The Empire magazine has also listed Batman in the 50 greatest comic characters of the world. There are many movies based on the character of Batman. Many of the leading actors of Hollywood have featured in these movies. The movies have earned profits of billions worldwide and lots of accolades and appreciation by the fans.

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