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Story based on the characters made one hundred and fifty years ago by Burton, Lewis Carroll and Linda Woolverton (Screen writer) move the story further to nineteen year old Alice on the edge of womanhood which always makes for wonderful a character parties. Her mother, who we never interested to know, has agreed for her wedding to a milquetoast wimp of a man. The lord son who happy to do business with father of Alice, this bore man has no mind’s eye and so when Alice starts speculating on all types of amazing, interesting topics, he is not only uninterested but also shocked. Still, his family’s established the marriage go on and missing free will – or personality – he ask for her hand in face of 100s of people gathering of their friends and family members.

Mad Hatter at Quinceaanera

Alice In Wonderland

Instead of replying, Alice spies a white rabbit dressed rather neatly and plans to leaves the spineless son of a lord behind and track the rabbit down a hole at the base of a big tree. Once there, Alice drinks a potion and eats cake which eating birthday cake at a kids party is another game with Alice that performers do for all party princess, finally winding up the size of the rabbit.

Alice think she’s is in some way fallen asleep and this is all a dream, and so she is willing to just dump herself to whatever happening.

alice and wonderland
alice and wonderland with mad hatter
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That means that when mice, rabbits and even roses begin asking her if she’s the Alice, she does not freak out that plants and animals are questioning her, but instead takes offense to the fact she is being accused of being the bad Alice in Wonderland party. She does not retain information of these creatures nor ever having traveled underland before, yet they seem to trust she’s the Alice who’s meant to keep underland and slay the jabberwocky. But the blue hookah-smoking tells her she’s not all but Alice and sends her off to the Mad Hatter.

Additional, The Red Queen has made underland an amazing place to live. Her twice the general size head must home a less than general size brain, as she’s a pretty slow on the uptake and every fast to anger. The flip side of the coin is the Anne Hathaway (The White Queen), an ethereal maker who is loved by all. The White Queen floats like a butterfly, and may have the capability to sting like a bee – but it’s well secret beneath virginal dress and a Mona Lisa smile.