St Patrick’s Day

St. Patrick’s Day is a wonderful Irish holiday celebrated throughout the world. Many people get off work to happy hours, or hora loca events, drink green beer, get together with old friends or family and just have a simple night to let loose for all grown-ups. There’s many party ideas to do in celebrating St Patty’s day. One can hire midget to dress up in a leprechaun and do a treasure hunt searching for gold. Lucky charms are brought by the beautiful girls that are dressed up in green attire as well as green makeup. A mascot costume if you don’t want a little person showing up as a leprechaun is a great way to still entertain all of your guests. Having a relatively short person standing about 5 foot tall dressed up in this mascot costume brings a lot of laughter to an event. Also bringing a giant LED robot green flashing lights and a green air cannon gun is also an attention grabber that all of your guests would love. Bring a St. Patrick’s Day type of parade to your establishment by hiring several types of performers to come all at the same time with flashing green LED lights and gold treasures.


st patrick's day

4’3ft – Shake Your Shamrock

saint patrick's day