Barbie Kids Party

If you’re looking for a great birthday party idea to delight your child and their friends, look no further than a Barbie character!

Miami Superheroes has a wide range of performers available for hire who can sing and dance, play games, and put on a show that will make everyone feel like they’ve just stepped into the world of Barbie. You can choose from an array of performers, including Barbie, who comes dressed in her signature pink dress and matching hair bow. The other performers include Ken (who also wears a pink outfit), Midge (a blond-haired friend), Teresa (a girl with dark brown hair), and Skipper (a girl with short blonde hair).

We also have Barbies dressed in other costumes: one as a cheerleader; one as a doctor; one as an astronaut; one as an animal trainer; and even one as a princess!

With these performers at your party, you can create memories that will last forever—and maybe even get some good pictures! You can see more birthday party characters here for other ideas or additions.

barbie kids party

Our New Barbie – Can sing upon request

Barbie birthday party for kids
Barbie birthday party for kids

Barbie Birthday Party

Barbie is a small character in Disney feature movies Toy Story Two and one of the big characters in its sequel. She is a real doll toy line made by the firm Mattel. The Film series of Barbie was voiced by Jodi Benson. Beautiful doll did not spec in the first Toy Story movie because Mattel did not approve her use, as they feared the movie would not successful. Anyway, after the victory of the first movie, multiple Barbie dolls has little roles in Toy Story Two, and a Barbie doll had a big role in Toy Story 3, to the point of being something of a heroine.

barbie for birthdays

Barbie can sing upon request

kids party with barbie

Barbies seem to love make-up, love fashion and partying. Also, they are overly energetic and happy, and are almost forever seen smiling. Additional, they have a consistently optimistic and positive outlook on life.

The Barbie in Toy Story three is a ditsy dame who, like Ken, powerfully trusts in fashion. She quickly develops a romantic crush on Ken upon initial meeting him Sunnyside Daycare, and finally becomes his girlfriend.

Barbie was meant to appear in the actual Toy Story as Woody girlfriend, in place of Bo Peep. Anyway, Mattel would not permit the use Barbie because they did not want her to be given her own personality) it was vital to them that the girls who purchase the toys would visualize what Barbie is like themselves, thus making the toy special to each girl). Also, they did not think it would succeed being the initial computer-animated move. After Toy Story was a big hit, Mattel planned to put that policy aside and permitted her to appear in Toy Story two, and also with her Boy friend in Toy Story three.

All the Barbie dolls who appear in the toy story series are voiced by Jodi Benson, popular for voicing Ariel in Disney The little Mermaid film trilogy and Television series. She also voiced Barbie in many advertisements for the doll, and on CD-ROM games with the character.

The Barbie in Toy Story three is based on the true life Great Shape Barbie 1983 toy. Her outfit is a so amazing. She can go straight from a workout to date with Ken! Added is a book illustrating Barbie best exercises, from leg kicks to lunges and arm arises. Ken doll and other Barbie doll accessories sold individually.

Barbie has a best friend named Ken

Getting a Barbie for your kids birthday party or any party idea is a great way to be the hero for your childs event. Barbie has become very popular again and another reason to reserve a kids birthday party event with both a princess party and a Barbie party.