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Star Wars Rey the apprentice Jedi from the new movie Star Wars

Don’t let the deficiency of Rey Star Wars toys fool you. That issue, one that drove VII Episode J.J Abrams (director) mad, is confusing one because Rey (Daisy Ridley) is the celebrity of Star Wars” The Force Awakens Movie. And according to IX Episode Colin Trevorrow (IX director), she is also an important character for the full Star Wars universe making her a great substitute for a party characters .


Rey Story in VII Episode just provides glimpses of her strange history, depicting her as a resourceful, tech-helper scavenger, abandoned on a cut off planet seemingly to keep her saved. We learn fast that she is so much more though, as he verifies herself a warrior, a pilot, and an able Jedi. But how she has these expertises, why she has been left alone, and who she is matched to remains questions to be searched in future films. We do some replies though, once you may have missed.But before we begin speculating on Rey identify and whether or not she is openly matched to a previously well-known character in Star Wars canon, lets initial examine what we know for certain about the character and watch the plus details from helping official Star Wars stuffs.

J.J Abrams (Director knows the private identify of Rey, and make no error, her back story and lineage is private. It’s held back intentionally from spectators for a larger reveal, something that must have to do with the bigger story which stories are great for kids character parties. Despite the crew and cast openly discussing about spoilers for the Force Awakens at this position in time, Abrams would not provide any hints about Rey, describing that he is not going to expose any details for what Rian Johnson is planning for VIII Episode. But it could be an expose saved for the conclusion of the fresh trilogy if these words from IX Episode Colin Trevorrow (Director) are anything to go by:

“We are going to ensure that that reply is profoundly and deeply satisfying. Rey is a character that is vital in this universe, not only in the context of the Force Awakens movie, but in the full galaxy. She merits it, we will ensure that the reply is something that feels like it was something that occurred a long time ago, far way, and we are only telling you what occurred.”