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Storm Trooper character in Star Wars movie and Kids review

Over the weekend, one spin-happy Stormtropper was stated the King of the interest, especially when it appears to new Star Wars: The Force Awakens party Characters are for hire. The primary order solider only has a little cameo in the film, but he is 1 of 2 central characters in an important action sequence that pits AWOL John Boyega StormTropper against one of his aged comrades who calls the former fighter out as a Traitor. This Storm Tropper Z6 baton-wielding has since been called TR-8R and has become the topic of many memes.

In Before the Awakening, a latest book that is part of the Star Wars Journey: The Force Awakens Novel series, we get what emerges to be a backstory for everyone charming and favorite Stormtropper. In these pages written by Greg Rucka, we learn that Finn was part of a 4-man fire group. He grew up with this unique squad, which featured himself along with FN-2003, FN-220, and FN-2199 Storm troopers make for great wedding receptions which can be set up by the event planners here. Kids birthday party ideas never fail with star wars type characters showing up. These 3 other fighters have earned the nicknames Slip, Zero, and Nines. While the first 2 name are in direction relation to the initial order codes given, slip has got his nickname for slipping up once to often.

In Star Wars: The Force Awakens movie, it is the dying slip who leaves a blood-spattered handprint on Finn Helmet during the starting raid on Lor San Tekka little Jakku Village at Kelvin Ravine. This is verified in the Visual Dictionary that was launched in conjunction with the film. It is slip death that drives Finn over the edge, leading him to become a deserter. TR-8R is trusted to be either FN-2000 or FN-2199, as the fight between Baton Brandishing Trooper and Finn is quite personal. Though, TR-8R code name has not been verified at this time. TR-8R has no issue identifying Finn without his mask on. And it is possible that TR-8R already has an official title, though the internet-allotted nickname certainly has stuck.

While this provide us the backstory on TR-8R, it sounds like Disney and LucasFilm have not planned on Stormtropper real place in this Saga, and it hums like he may not have died after being beat by Han Solo blaster. When asked by/movie about TR-8R real character, Lucasfilm story executive group Pablo Hidalgo had this to say, demonstrating that fan fervor might really make this character the next Boba Fett.

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