Kids Party Videos

Our Princess Singing Her Own Wonder Woman Song

Click Audio Song Below

Birthday Boy Practices Fighting on Captain America

Elsa Sings Live

The Famous Singer Montana Tucker with Elsa 

Dancing Paw Patrols

Spiderman vs Captain America

Hulk Smashes Pinata

Princess Elsa Party Cute Story Telling Interaction

Princess Elsa and Anna with kids role playing

Ninja Turtles

Batman Fights The Joker at a Fort Lauderdale

Thor Teaches Birthday Boy How To Defend

Kids vs Batman

Frozen Elsa Princess Party Kids in Miami

Entertainers Training

Wonder Woman Spider-Man and Batman

Hulk Smash Ground Rehearsal

Ninja Turtle Training

Hulk Smash Ground

Hulk Playing Football

Hulk Happy Birthday Song

Minion Twerking

Minion Party at Ritz Carlton Miami Beach

Minion Party dancing to “Im Sexy and I Know it”

Minion Thrown into Pool at Kids Party


Wonder Woman Flash Batman

Stilt Walker Circus Event

Stilt Walkers