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WE HAVE OVER 500 COSTUME PARTY CHARACTERS TO CHOOSE FROM – Just call us and ask us if we have the costumes available or if we can make the costume for you so we can plan your event accordingly. We are well built superhero performers and our princess girls can sing very well including our Ms. Florida 2014 & Ms. US Nation 2016 performer.

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We are a local REAL company , we are not a marketing company like gig-salad and thumbtack that sells any person to advertise on their site. We emphasize this because its very important to have a real company that monitors their employees , costume quality and professionalism to assure you a reliable service for your children’s birthday party, wedding receptions , business promotions and nightclub events that we do as well. We bring very fun entertainment to all kids birthdays and special events.

Its birthday time for someone special in Miami South Florida and a great time to turn up that party atmosphere by getting Party Characters for your kids birthday. Birthdays , parks, pool parties , character visits are a fantastic option. Bringing the party characters online to life.

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Picking The Perfect Character For Your Child’s Party

Fund Raiser for school – Parents pay to take Pictures with your requested party characters performer.

Choosing the perfect choice of character performer for your child’s party can be difficult if you don’t know what to do. If you think about what your child likes and what his friends like you can pick the perfect character to show up at his or her party and surprise everyone. Once you have picked the perfect party characters superhero or birthday mascot character for your child and his friends you can then proceed to plan a party around that party that will amaze everyone, including the parents.

Knowing what your child likes is the first key to planning the kids birthday party. You can even show them the website looking through all the characters to see which they may be interested in. You do not want to pick a character that your child isn’t really into. Children change their interests regularly so keep an eye on what your child is watching on television or reading. Even these hints may not be enough. For example just because your child is watching old Super Friends cartoons may not mean that your child wants Aquaman to show up at his birthday. Talk to your child about what they are watching on television and find out what princess or superhero excites them the most. They may even want more than one character. If they like Frozen for example they may want both princess Elsa and Anna to show up to amaze them and their friends.

Secondly if you can discover what your children’s friends like as well this will give you an opportunity to appear to be the cool parent in town. If everyone at your kid’s school is raving about the latest character movie and your child really liked the movie as well, having a character show up would amaze all of the children involved. Knowing what is popular with the kids at school will make your kids event a hit and force every parent at the school to circle your child’s next birthday on their calendar.

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Transformer Party

Your party than perhaps having a bat-a-rang toss as one of the events at your party will help take the party to a new level. Or if you have Ninja Turtles coming to your event than perhaps having each child show the turtles their best ninja moves would help add excitement to the party. There are many creative things you can do if you sit down and think about what characters are coming to your party.

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Baby Shark – see our performer doing the dance

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Picking the perfect character visit for your child’s party can be great as long as you know what is popular with your child and his or her friends and plan around the character you pick.

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Birthday Characters

Party Character Ideas and Princess Party Ideas

Hiring party characters during parties has been the most popular way of entertaining kids. Parents or organizers should know the most interesting party characters that could really create lovely smiles from the faces of children. Come see us at Hollywood beach with 2 Star Wars performers and our professional photographer set up, we are going to be doing a Kylo Ren versus Rey battle with light sabers. However, choosing the party characters to be hired for the party is not an easy task.

It is the party characters that will be making the event more interesting so the pick should be done properly. There are lots of pictures to choose from, and that makes the decision of who to pick becomes difficult. This task would never be as hard if the person will always consider the kind of the party to be held and the people who will be attending the said event. Having been aware of the considerations to be done will always guide every parent or organizer to have the best pick that would really entertain the kids and even the parents as well.

The child to whom the party is given is the primary consideration naturally of course. It is the interest of the birthday boy or girl choice that is to be considered to rent characters that they will love and it not be be a waste of time, money and effort. Being wise and considerate when it comes to this matter is a thing that should never be disregarded. Before finalizing the kids characters , it is important that the party characters to be hired suits to the theme and the interest of the child. A wise party characters pick will guarantee that the entire event will be remarkable and will always be cherished by the child. A lively party character tends to have given the best party characters experience that would leave an imprint into their childhood days.

The gender of the child needs to be considered because it will seem to be awkward if the party characters are not suited for them. The following choices below could be a helpful guide for every parent to come up with the most suitable party characters to be present in the event.

For boys: All these party characters costumes look a lot like the costumes in the movie, cartoon, but are slightly different in design similar to major party characters. Some other rented costume performers that is being considered as favorite of the boys.

For girls: All these princess party costumes are look a like costumes but different in design. Beautiful girl costumes, mascots and superheroes are made to look almost similar to that of the movie, cartoon or other media. Some other party characters being loved by girls.

Every parent always wanted to give their child the best party characters experience that would really satisfy them. Popularity of the character is a very important thing; if the party character is popular there is a greater possibility that the children will be enjoying the party characters and the entire show. It is the joy and smiles that makes every penny to be spent become worthy of all the efforts and time being spent on the preparation and selection of the party characters to be hired. If the parents or the organizer have their choice of the birthday characters performers, they can be able to customize and finalized all the details that is to be done on the setting up of the place and the things to be used during the party. It is important that there will be a party character that is intended for both boys and girls so that they will never be bored during the party.

Character party Questions

Short Description: Organizing party characters requires a lot of co-ordination among the organizers, a proper plan of action and a list of requirements. However, it is not as easy as it may sound and there are various questions that you may have regarding a character party. Read the article to clarify your doubts today.

•What will the character do at my party? Party characters and princess parties are trained to surprise kids. They may enter the house or park as per your specifications. You may choose to ask the party character to come in from the main gate, the back door or stay in another room and guide the kids there. The performers know the pulse of every event and bring their own materials for games. Kids enjoy playing with entertainers and love the photo sessions too. The costume performer would also sing the birthday song, do farewell speeches and pose for as many photos as you want. Playing with all of the children at the birthday is the most important priority of the entertainment.

•What preparations should be made at home? You can create a good ambience by buying paper napkins and plates of the character invited for the kids to relate to it. Lighting and sound may cost a little extra but that too can be done to add the effect.

•Is it advisable to have one character or many party characters? Often people request for a team of superheroes, in such cases multiple characters can make the character party even more interesting.

•How long would the party characters stay at the party? It depends on the slot that you have booked. One can with ease book from one hour to three hours for a particular character. In case you are willing to extend the time, the character can try accomodating your request based on the schedule allotted to him/her. If he/she has a prior booking, accommodating the request may be difficult.

•How prior to the event should a character be booked? It is advisable to book a slot 4-5 weeks in advance in order to make sure that you get the character of your choose and the time slot that you prefer. If you’re unsure about the date or time, it is better to discuss it with family first and then make a booking, rescheduling can be troublesome for both parties.

A character party is an occasion worth remembering and party characters make it successful with their charm and aura. If you’re planning to organize a character party soon, get in touch with for the best deals.

Top 10 kids Birthday party ideas:

Given below are some ideas that will surely help you to arrange the upcoming kid’s birthday party whether she’s a girl or he’s a boy. The ideas given below will help you make your planning much easier. 2 new costumes have been added this week. The first being a Cat in the Hat that is more of a engaging costume versus the mascot because it is more of a human version with make up etc. The other new amazing addition is the Beast from Beauty and the Beast with princess Belle, this costume is literally a amazing costume with movable facial features and lifelike attributes just like the great movie. These ideas are as follows:

1. Barbie Birthday Party: A Barbie is a girl’s best friend, and many young girls are inspired with Barbie for decades. Hence Barbie can be life of the party. If you are planning the party for kid girl then this is suitable and the best option ever.

2. Batman Birthday Party: If the birthday party is for especially for kid boy, then this can be a great option. Batman is an eternal character and so are his parties and hence a Batman and a Robin party is a real “smash” for the little fighters who like fun and excitement. As long as these superheroes remain in the hearts of those little fighters, the parties will go on and on, as these superheroes never dies.

3. Care Bear Party: Whether it’s Bedtime bear or Cheer Bear, the Care Bears are always a nice and wonderful addition to any kid’s birthday party, especially girls. They are lovable, bright, cheerful, and fun, and always leave children as well as adults happy.

4. Princess Party: You can decorate your birthday location for your Disney Princess elegantly by decorating it like a grand castle. Whirls of light-colored streamers ornament the grand ballroom. You can also have the basement made up look like the inside of the medieval castle which is painted with cardboard or wooden sets.

5. Birthday Construction Party: You can have your home strung in “caution” tape, and with flashing safety lights to add a dramatic effect. This will be a fun setting for kids to play. The boys can even wear their hard hats when they play in the construction site that you’ve created.

6. Dora the Explorer Party: This is a girl who loves to discover, learn about, search and share with others. Hence a Dora the Explorer party should be fun, cultural, educational as well as adventurous party.

7. Kitty Party: As Hello Kitty likes her scrumptious sweets, her tea parties, and her crafts so at this party, you can have plenty of all these three, for fun and enjoyment.

8.Spider Man Party: Spiderman is really an emphatic character. It moves around the city from building to building with the help of its web, hung from his hand. By spinning the web Spider man has captured the imagination of many people for decades. He thus keeps kids cheering even today. Hence a Spider man party will keep the children entranced right from the get-go.

9. Incredibles Party: The Incredible’s are the super hero family who were forced out of action, but now they are back. But it is not what they thought it’d be. A whole new kind of adventure hence begins now. An Incredible’s party can be on-the-edge as this story. Hence the excitement as well as the fun will fly.

10. Spongebob Party: You can start with the decorations for a Sponge Bob party that should follow Sponge Bob’s locale, which is the town of Bikini Bottom. You can then make underwater motifs and imagery which will place the children in Sponge Bob’s world, even if only for a couple of hours.

Some places where kids’ birthday party can be arranged:

There are many places where kids’ birthday party can be arranged, but among them the most popular one and the most suitable and the area which can be a great fun are as follows:

1.Tree tops park: Located in Davie Florida, making for a great place to celebrate a character rental event. Tree Tops Park has over 243 expansive acres which includes a 102 acre archaeological site with nature paths. Some of the part of this park is 29 feet above the sea level, which makes it the highest land in the Broward County. This park is an ideal spot for a nature hike, paddle boat ride, horseback ride, or just a family picnic. This is a great place for a kid’s birthday celebration too.

2.Vista View Park: With 272 acres of meadows and green rolling hills in Davie Fl, Vista View Park offers a wide range of activities. There are eight shelters that offer plenty of room for any events like family picnicking, family get together for kids’ birthday celebration, etc.

3.CB Smith Park: C. B. Smith Park is a public park which is located in beautiful Pembroke Pines, Florida. This park is 299 acres in area and it contains a water park which is known as “Paradise Cove”. This Park offers many sporting activities like basketball, fishing, miniature golf, batting cages, and racquetball and tennis courts. Hence this park is extremely nice place for your kids’ birthday celebration.

4. Monkey Joes Pembroke Pines, Florida: Monkey Joe Pembroke Pines Florida is a fun-filled play center. There are wall-to-wall inflatable slides, obstacle courses, and jumps which will keep your kids active, healthy, and happy. Since the atmosphere here is awesome hence an excellent place for arranging kid’s birthday party.

5. Miramar Regional Park: The Miramar Regional Park is situated 1 mile west of I-75 on the Miramar Parkway. The park is on 173-acre and consists of many enthralling amenities to enjoy. There’ll be several development phases in the next 10 years. The amenities are excellent for your kids to enjoy so you even arrange their birthday here.

6.John U. Lloyd Park: John U. Lloyd Park in Hollywood Florida, provides an abundance of recreational activities like surf fishing, swimming, canoeing, nature study, and much more. This park is perfect for a family picnic or a day at the beach or a location for a kid’s birthday party.

7. Tropical Park: Located in Miami Fl, is actually holding its first free Salsa dancing class in shelter 1 off 82ave entrance. This park in Miami has been around for years and caters to many kids birthdays. We frequent this place.

8. The new Linear Park and Trail in Davie: As of May 9th, 2018 a new ground breaking park opening up in west Miami district 12.

9. Amelia Earhart Park in Hialeah Florida is huge with many grass areas as well as nice lakes to view. This place offers spots for birthday parties and we have done many events here with entertainment.

10. Plantation Heritage Park is a great place as well to celebrate a child’s birthday with plenty of space to run and bring entertainment too. Many people fly kites here and play sport activities.

11. Markham park in Sunrise Florida  is a huge park with many options to celebrate a birthday party for children of all ages. They have many picnic tables and benches, a lot open grass fields to play games, have bounce houses, have costume performers and all come out. They even have a huge playground with monkey bars and slides for children.

12. Weston Community Center Regional Park is a fantastic park with fields to celebrate birthdays, sports, tennis, picnicking, hockey and even a exercise trail. This place is somewhere where many of the performers are sent to. This place is very helpful in organizing the correct spot for parents to hold the event at. This place even has volley ball sand courts, lakes and so much to offer a great kids party.

13. Sugar Sand Park is great for party characters appearance in Boca Raton Florida is another amazing place to celebrate at for kids birthdays. It has water slides, grass fields to run and hop, swings, wooden clubhouse type playgrounds for kids to run around and inside, basic carnival rides as well. This place located in Boca Raton is very pleasing to the eye as well. Excellent choice to bring kids to.

14. My Gym kids place in Boca Raton is another favorite spot to have kids play and have a rented costume performer come out to celebrate their birthday. They have a zip wire and padded floors so kids wont get hurt.

15. Launch trampoline park in Doral Florida is a great place to spend a day with the kids and have some entertainment come out to entertain all the kids playing up and down the slides and all the jump zones everywhere.

16. My Gym in Southwest Ranches Fl is another place thats small, affordable and kids can have a nice costume performer visit to lighten up the day. Playing on a small zip line and monkey bars, this place gives time slots for different events. The place is all padded so kids wont get hurt, but shoes cant be word inside.

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