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Parents need to understand that despite the deficiency of nudity and bad manners, Cat woman will shock adult viewers with its adult, black, and danger themes. There is an invasive sensuality to all scenes featuring Cat Women and there is a scene of implied sex as well as links to adultery. Several characters die and there are different scenes of peril, including a kid trapped on a broken Ferris wheel. Anyone who has seen the advertisements featuring the extremely suggestive leather suit and whip that that the character wears the protagonist wears will be alert of the fantasy factor of Catwoman character which makes it much different than a princess party for girl’s birthdays.

Cartoon personality, an alert and clever expert thief and sometime like attention of superhero Batman. Clad is a skintight bodysuit and amazing mask and carrying a whip, Selina Kyle, also called as Cat Woman, has frequently crossed, and reclosed the line between antiheroine and villain.

In early looks start with her 1940 first appearance in DC comics, Batman series, Cat Woman was revealed by creators Bob Kane and Bill Finger as a precious stone thief motivated simply by