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Mickey & Minnie Mouse Star Wars Party Princess Elsa Ninja Turtle Training

One Time Authorization Non-Refundable Deposit to “The Party Character Entertainment”

Disclaimer: As acts of GOD , unforeseen circumstances can potentially cause performers to run tardy. We advise of a preferred time of arrival with a 1 hour window of arrival. If we are later then that hour window of arrival we apologize for not meeting your needs and will give you a full refund unless you still want the performer. The cancellation fee is a charge due to too many clients booking with multiple companies not respecting our gathered monetary efforts and time spent planning your event. The cancellation fee of $100 per entertainer is if you cancel the day of the party. The deposit is NEVER refundable.

Note to PARTY PLANNERS: 2 options to reserve a party with us. NO EXCEPTIONS.
1. We must speak to your client and have their contact number , why ? because too many times party planners are unorganized and cause us loss of time and money , we need to know the clients true time frame and intentions.
2. Party planner must make a full cash payment into owners bank account.

1 Hour Window To Arrive

Owner Former Fire Fighter Paramedic

Owner Former Fire Fighter Paramedic