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Mickey & Minnie Mouse Star Wars Party Princess Elsa Ninja Turtle Training

One Time Authorization Non Refundable Deposit to

“The Party Character Entertainment”

Disclaimer: As acts of GOD , unforeseen circumstances can potentially cause performers to run tardy. We advise of a preferred time of arrival with a 1 hour window of arrival. If we are later then that hour window of arrival we apologize for not meeting your needs and will give you a full refund unless you still want the performer. The cancellation fee is a charge due to too many clients booking with multiple companies not respecting our gathered monetary efforts and time spent planning your event. The cancellation fee of $100 per entertainer is if you cancel the day of the party. The deposit is NEVER refundable.


LEGAL Documentation To Fight Fraudulent Charge backs

AGE REQUIREMENT: Must be 18 years of age or older.


All deposits are Non-Refundable; no exceptions, via credit card. Exact cash payment is only accepted the for final payment prior to event/party. Deposits can be credited to a future event/party for up to one (1) year of original booking date. These deposits are to secure the entertainers/performers. Deposits also prevent competitor companies unethical fraudulent reservations. We can cancel your booked event/party and charge a cancellation fee ($100), if at any time any adults, and/or guest are disrespectful and/or uncourteous to our staff/performers at ANY time. No violence, hitting, kicking, and/or screaming is permitted to any staff/performer at any time; this includes office staff. If so, we do have the right to protect our staff/performers in which your party/event will be canceled at any time, and a cancellation fee will be charged.

TEXT Sean or Cher back your name on card after you fill out invoice

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