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Disclaimer: As acts of GOD , unforeseen circumstances can potentially cause performers to run tardy. We advise of a preferred time of arrival with a 1 hour window of arrival. If we are later then that hour window of arrival we apologize for not meeting your needs and will give you a full refund unless you still want the performer. The cancellation fee is a charge due to too many clients booking with multiple companies not respecting our gathered monetary efforts and time spent planning your event. The cancellation fee of $25 per entertainer is if you cancel the party. This is to weed out indecisive clients, inhibit us wasting our time, also inhibit us changing our personal schedules and other jobs we could have taken.

Note to PARTY PLANNERS: 2 options to reserve a party with us. NO EXCEPTIONS.
1. We must speak to your client and have their contact number , why ? because too many times party planners are unorganized and cause us loss of time and money , we need to know the clients true time frame and intentions.
2. Party planner must make a full cash payment into owners bank account. Why ? Because I the owner have a large sample size of mistakes these wanna be party planners do , therefore party planners must make a cash deposit in my bank account – no exceptions

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You Must ZELLE a Deposit

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