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The Frog and the princess is an entry in the style of Disney most classic, enduring, fairy-tale films and while it’s been done before, it never seems to get old. Their fascination with princesses and princes continues and now its set inspires a full fresh generation of pretty girls to run around wearing crowns bringing life to all princess parties. But not like some of their previous efforts, this particular iteration comes with a pretty more substance than the usual, bare dreaming of real love.

Tiana is a fresh Orleans waitress with dreams, not of finding a prince, but of running her own business. Since she was a pretty girl Tiana has wanted to own a restaurant, and to make that dream come into reality, she jobs and jobs hard. She knows that victory takes more than simply wishing on a star and so Tiana rejects frivolity to job double shifts and keeps the money she will need to make dream reality. And though later in the movie she will learn there more to life than solid job, the film never lets her dump those heart values which have her rolling up her sleeves and getting the work done. Tiana finds love on her own terms and make her dreams come into reality not with magic or wizards, but with effort and determination.

But there is lots of magic around her, generally getting in the way. Tiana plans for victory go wrong when she hits into a speaking frog who occurs to be a price titled Naveen. Naveen just ran afoul of an immoral voodoo practitioner known as the Shadow Man, a personality in the form of Disney evil, villains and magical. Worried to become person again, Naveen errors her for a princess, encourages her to kiss him, and the whole thing backfire dooming princess to the same froggy providence as Naveen. Combine they race via the swamp looking for a way to become human being again. Along the way they meet a folksy lighting bug, Ray, A jazz playing gator, Louis with a full family.

The animation and songs are lovely, the characters are completely realized, there is a best lesson here should you be looking for way to de-plan your Twilight-fascinated daughter. If there is any issue with Frog and the Miami princess party for kids it’s only that it does not feel as classic as some of the Disney real masterpieces.

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