Halloween Party Ideas


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  • Chuckie (Little Person)

  • Scary Clown

  • Scary Clown Women

  • Scary Clown (IT)

  • Vampire

  • Zombie

  • Undead

  • Jason (Friday 13th)

  • Halloween Michael Myers

  • Darth Vader

  • Harly Quinn

  • Poison Ivy

  • Wicked Witch

  • Texas Chainsaw

  • Maleficent

  • Clown Lighted face (on STILTZ)

  • Darth Vader w/Light Saber (on STILTZ)

  • IT Clown (on STILTZ)

  • Vampire (on STILTZ)

  • Undead (on STILTZ)

  • Grim Reaper (on STILTZ)

  • Devil (on STILTZ)

  • Maleficent (on STILTZ)

  • Add Fog Machine

  • Add Bubble Machine

  • Add CO2 Gun w/LED Lights

  • Add 1 Halloween Prop 

  • Add 2 Halloween props

  • Add Light Show (Disco & Laser Lights)

  • Add Face Painter

Chuckie (Little person) with Kim Kardashian

vampire halloween party ideas


halloween party ideas

Chuckie (Little person)

miami halloween party

IT Scary Clown (Little person)

Sarah Sanderson

Sarah Sanderson

Winifred Sanderson

Winifred Sanderson

Mary Sanderson

Mary Sanderson

top gun

Top Gun



halloween party ideas

Harley Quinn

zombie halloween party ideas


scary halloween party ideas

Devil Guy

miami halloween party ideas

Devil Girl

grim reaper halloween party pics

Grim Reaper

grim reaper halloween party rental characters

Grim Reaper Pick Me Up

miami beach halloween party ideas

Darth Vader on Stilts

clowni halloween party rental

Creepy Girl Clown

dark angel halloween costume party

Dark Angel

giggles clown halloween event

Giggles the Clown

crazy clown halloween costume party

Crazy Clown

ghost halloween costume party ideas


ghost pirate halloween party

Dark Angel

miami halloween party ideas

Rotten Rabbit

coral gables halloween party

Ghost Bride

pumpkin head halloween party

Pumpkin Head

miami halloween party

Halloween Clown

rent halloween entertainment

Ghost no Face

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School Girl Zombie

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Cute Pirate

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Senior Bones

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Night Before Christmas Jack

scary halloween party


halloween party ideas for girls

Poison Ivy

Halloween Party Ideas in South Florida

When Halloween is a week away. We thought we would share some Miami Halloween party ideas with you. We have simple spooky party games that your pretty monsters will love to play.

Ghost hunt – cut out ghost shapes from card or white paper (permit about 4-5 guests). Hide them around the garden and house and get your pretty guest to find them. (if you have different ages groups of kids, you may want to give you youngest ones a head begins). The kid who finds the most ghosts is the winner. This is also a remarkable game to play near the end of the party and would not have to give filled party bags either. Stick a little treat to each ghost before hiding. Provide each kid an empty party bag and let them fill them with what they find.

Ten-pin pumpkin bowling – part fill ten similar size plastic bottles. Fill with a little stones and gravel, so that they stand and do not fall over. Draw a scary face on a little pumpkin, this will be the bowling ball. Line your bottles up and let the kid take it in turns to knock them over with the pumpkin, keeping scores as they go. The kid with the top score is the winner.

Yucky dip – scoot out a pumpkin and fill with cooled, cooked pasta. Include little packets of wrapped or sweets treats and mix well. Invite your pretty guests to take turns at the yucky dip. Be warned this can get messy.

Musical monsters – put on some beautiful music. When the music prevents they have stand still – if they move, they are out of the game. The final monster standing still is the winner!

The haunted jar – fill a jar with little toys or sweets and shredded white paper. Each kid then guesses how many items are in the jar and the closest guess come first the goodies.

The graveyard game – this is a remarkable game to play when you want to quiet the party down. Your pretty monsters like down in the graveyard – the kid who stays still the longest is the winner.

At the end, how do monsters guess their future? They read their horror scope!

Halloween Party Ideas All In South Florida

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