Miami Super Hero Was an awesome experience

Miami Superhero was an awesome experience with my son’s birthday party. They did a great job at entertaining the large group of kids we had at our party. We chose to have 2 characters, Batman for the boys and Cinderella for the girls. Each loved each one and even the girls were super happy with batman. The people they sent to play the part were on time and did in fact play the parts perfectly. The prices were perfect for our budget and we couldn’t be happier with the results of the birthday party. I know not only my son will remember this for a long time to come, so will the other kids and friends that attended. We had so much fun and we can’t wait until next year’s birthday to hire someone else from Miami Super Hero. Fantastic job you guys! Very pleased and highly recommended, see you next year ! (if not sooner)

Oh my gosh,what a fantastic idea and success!

Oh my gosh, what a fantastic idea and success! These guys at Miami Super Hero were the perfect fit for our barbeque. We had a barbeque for a friends and family reunion and we new we would have a lot of little ones running around and we wanted to give them something to be entertained from. And they sure did deliver! They called me to confirm the day before the barbeque which was very impressive to me since not a lot of companies actually tend to make it all that easy in communicating. But we didn’t have a problem with that here, nope! Spiderman was a huge success with the little ones, even the girls. He had fantastic charisma and was great with the kids. I have had some bad experiences in trying this before with other companies where the person playing the character didn’t know how to relate to kids and they were constantly being offended and confused by the “games” the character was playing with them. I actually had a little girl cry because all she wanted was a hug and he was joking around to make her chase him which did not work well with her. Of course these things can happen, but it didn’t happen here with Miami Super Hero. I am more than pleased with the performance and energy Spidey brought to our party. I will no longer be weary of who I hire for my parties and events because I know now I can rely on these guys here in Miami. Thank you for a wonderful experience that my nieces and nephews and friends will remember forever.

Our Princess,Snow White came..

Our princess, Snow White, came and my little 5 year old Cassandra was extremely excited. She was so happy she was shaking and her eyes lit up the room with fireworks. Cassandra has never trick or treated on Halloween without being a Disney princess, and she refuses to love anything else more. When Snow white walked in she jumped up and down, I had never seen her so happy. This was one of the happiest days of my life watching my little girl with the biggest smile on her face, I couldn’t have asked for anything more. I know she will remember this for her lifetime, and I cried the other day because of how happy this made me. Miami Super Hero did a fantastic job and the girl who played Snow White was absolutely fantastic with my daughter. I will definitely be coming back again to have another princess for Cassandra, and everyone else should too! You will not be disappointed I guarantee you!

Hi Everybody

Hi Everybody, I just wanted to share with you all how wonderful Miami Super Hero was at our event. Our superheroes played a variety of fun and exciting games with our guests and they had so much fun! I had already set up some fun obstacle courses in our backyard that the Super Heroes assisted with and also joined in! They had a blast with our kids, and vise versa. Recommended to anyone with a kid! Heck, recommended to anyone who wants to have fun! No matter the age, because I’m 52 and I still had a great day because of the Super Heroes alone. It was the perfect feature to add to our party! Hire them they’re good! Will be back soon, thanks again!

The best in Miami..

The best in Miami, no doubt about it! I have hired many different character companies for my sub-business in Children’s Entertainment, looking for the best, and I am most pleased with Miami Super Heroes. They did an exceptional job and the children seem to really love them every time I hire them. This will be the 4th time returning to Miami Super Heroes for any of my Miami character visits and Miami Kids Parties. And until I find anyone better (which most likely won’t happen,) then I will be staying with them until I no longer participate in the business. If I don’t choose the right character visit company, my customers won’t be happy with me either and with Miami Super Heroes I am positive I won’t have to run into that problem.