Davie Party Characters

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Kids Birthday Party Places in Davie Florida

The Florida town of Davie was actually founded in Everglades land and its western border, you will find Everglades Florida. Davie is ideally placed close to Fort Lauderdale and just about a half hour drive from Miami. Movies and golf fans may recognize Davies Rolling Hills Golf course as the film place of the movie Caddy-Shack.

Vista View park in Davie Florida is a place Miami Superhero frequents for kids birthdays. We have done many parties that bring great enjoyment to kids events and this park is one of our favorites in Davie because of many factors. This is the best park for Davie party characters to come to, especially with its big areas, monkey bars and easy access to get to the pavilions.

davie party characters

Davie Party Characters

Birthday party places for kids

Flamingo gardens

Flamingo gardens places on Florida’s most charming creatures, the flamingo. The garden is a sixty-acre tropical paradise that is also a sanctuary to over three-thousand species of rare plant life and other animals native to Florida, including panthers, alligators and eagles.

Fig tree park

Undergoing terrible destruction in 2005 due to Hurricane Wilma, this park has been rebuilt and is better than ever. The fresh playground in the park is safe, modern and offers an amazing place for community bonding.

Liberty tree park

Totaling nearly ten acres, the liberty tree park is an ever-evolving domestic favorite. The park has installed restroom facilities, trash receptacles, bike storage, and park benches to create the park more usable.

Shenandoah park

Placed on 17th green acres of parkland is Shenandoah park. The family-friendly park specs a big range of recreational amenities including picnic areas, sports fields, volleyball court, a playground and concessions.

Tree tops park

This park is a successful story for conversation, as this former dairy farm was once scheduled to become a golfing community and golf course before Broward County preserved it for its locals, in 1980. The park is an oasis of wetlands, ancient live oaks, hardwood hammocks, covering more than 140 acres. Additional to its walking ways and the royal oak canopy, this costly park is also house to equestrian trails and beautiful waterways links directly to the Natural area of Pine Island Ridge. The owner of Miami Superhero himself has done many birthdays dressed as Davie party characters at this particular park. The park is located off palm avenue just north of Orange drive.

Silver lakes north park

This park is a community owned and managed park that gives the domestic area with a recreational place year-round. The park contains tennis courts and basketball, as well as volleyball pits and a separate children playground.

Anne Kolb natural center

With both outdoor and indoor facilities, this nature center is a 1,501 acre-long wetland which is the house of several endangered species. It is a part of amazing Wildlife Trail and Florida Birding. No fossil fuels are allowed on this site.