Places to Celebrate Kids Birthdays In Pembroke Pines Florida

Places to Celebrate Kids Birthdays In Pembroke Pines Florida

Pembroke Pines is located in Florida Broward County and is the 11th most crowded city in the state with a residents of about 150,000. The city is a relatively fresh city having been incorporated in 1960 but this has not stopped it becoming a best place for people who love to be outside.

A hurricane in 1992 added to the residents when 1000s of Miami-Dade region residents relocated to the place making it the third quickest rising city at the time. With so much to do here let’s take a look at the best places to celebrate birthday party characters for kids in Pembroke pines Florida.

Kids party places in Pembroke Pines Florida

C.B. Smith Park

C.B. Smith Park is a 300 acre site that is very famous amongst the local of Pembroke Pines. There is also a water park for kids that has various tube ride and slides. There is a also a tennis facility and a golfing center as well as many other leisure activities.

If you want to go for picnic there are lots of picnic shelters as well as different barbeque grills that are perfect for the full family to gather around.

Pembroke Gardens

Pembroke Garden is a famous paradise and is full of shops of every price tag and genre. There is a complete range from children toys top end fashion so everybody will find something. When the shopping becomes too much you have an option of over twenty different bars and restaurants to relax in. There are daily events and promotions held at the shopping mall so it is forever worth checking in advance if you plan on making a tour.

Helicopter Tour

Top helicopter expert in helicopter flights over the Florida South. They are located in Florida region and offer also shared group flights or secret special flight or kids flights with special security. There are so many charming sights to be seen from way above the county of Florida that even a little trip will leave you wanting more. Trips begin at thirty minutes and can go beyond an hour depending on your budget. Licensed and professional pilots operate the helicopters ensuring that you and your kid safety is forever put first.

Rocket Kid

Rocket kids has a task to send your kids boredom into orbit! It is an indoor playing field located in Pembroke Pines. There is an intergalactic playing field that is nothing like no issue which you have seen before. It is split over 4 levels and has a space play region as well as laser tag.