Charity Event Pembroke Pines Miamisuperhero Reviews

Charity Event Pembroke Pines Miamisuperhero Reviews

CHARITY event im doing Tuesday early evening 6:30pm for a kid that has stage 2 Glioblastoma which in english is a brain tumor that is very difficult to battle medically speaking because of its unique abilities. MIAMI HEAT cheerleaders just committed as well to the event. If anyone that can contribute wants to go , send me a message and ill get the greenlight from the Mom.

charity event pembroke pines

Pembroke Pines Charity Event

Kids Party Miami 33125

Kids Party Miami 33125

At 501 Marlins Way this Saturday 8am there is an event at Miami Marlins stadium featuring a Pink Power Ranger performing for all the kids. All the kids are really looking forward to the show as many of them are die hard Power Ranger fans. Maricel from the Marlins reserved the event with and is really looking forward to the show as well. Always bringing characters to life in Miami Florida we know what South Florida likes and dislikes. Check out the Pink Power Ranger character to get a event near you.

pink power ranger kids party

Pink Power Ranger

Charity Event Kids Party Characters

Charity Event Party Characters

Charity Event For Kids

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Charity Event for Child Life Broward Health


The owner of himself was a prior fire fighter paramedic and also after many years of dedication and commitment to the community attained his many degrees in sciences and in medicine as a physician he puts forth the effort to show his generosity to helping kids that are in their most dire circumstances. Bringing characters to this establishment at Broward health and Child Life was very important to the owner of this kids company. He has a huge heart for children that are ill or in this case immunocompromised.

party characters chaity

Kids Charity Event Child Life Broward Health

Check more pictures out at

Kids Party Davie 33314

Today is a birthday party in Davie Florida for the birthday boy that is having Optimus Prine the transformer at 5pm which should be very fun. Optimus prime is the leader of the autobots, the birthday boy will be very surprised to see the character for hire show uo.


After optimus primes is done with the show around 6pm. There is also a girls birthday at 6pm that is having the character Tinker Bell come by and visit to dance and play with all the children. The kids are really looking forward to this appearance from both coatume characters.

tinker bell kidss party

Tinker Bell Kids Party

Another great day to see how miamisulerhero reviews show pictures and really bring enjoyment to children birthday parties. As you see the cute tinker bell character costume here above.